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Clearing a Slow Drain

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  • Clearing a drain is normally more of an inconvenience than a serious problem…but not always.



    Normally bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks and shower drains will start to drain slowly because of an accumulation of hair and debris along with the buildup of soap scum. The sooner you notice that a drain is “acting funny” or no longer draining rapidly (without the water backing up into the sink, tub or shower), you should take action to get the drain cleared before it becomes a more serious problem. If you only have a slow drain in one sink, tub or shower, many times this can be easily fixed by removing the tub stopper and removing the hair clog/build-up with a pair of needle nose pliers. Sometimes a clothes hanger bent straight with a “hook shape” bent on one end, will do a great job “catching” the hair and gunk that is normally what is causing the slow drain. After removing all the debris, run hot water down the drain for a few moments. If this cleared up your problem congratulations! If you are unable to get the results you need…call Z PLUMBERZ before the problem gets worse.


    A Slow Drain Can Mean Serious Problems

    Sometimes slow drains in a home or business plumbing system can be a warning sign of bigger problems. If all of your drains in the home are slow, or multiple drains are slow, it may be time to call Z PLUMBERZ to have your lines augured or maybe even high pressure water jetted. (We can even put a camera down some of the lines so you can see the problem for yourself!!) The auger is a mechanical device that is fed into the drain and rotated by an electric motor, this slow spinning action will normally break up any obstructions in the drain and allow water to flow again. The high pressure water jetter is a portable unit that actually scrubs the inside of the pipe to a “like new” condition, in the process it can remove dirt, debris, soap scum, hair and even cut out tree roots when the situation requires that. Remember that slow draining main lines can become stopped up at any time; slow drains, bad smells or gurgling sounds can mean trouble in your main drains and should be checked out ASAP. If your main sewer line becomes clogged or plugged you will be left without a workable plumbing or sewer system; worse case your lines can back-up flooding your home or business with potentially unhealthy, sewage laden water. Z PLUMBERZ always “recommends” that you take slow drains very seriously, and take prompt action to clear the lines before they become a more serious and costly problem. On a septic tank: Sometimes slow drains, occasional backups and gurgling sounds are an indication that your septic tank is in need of a “pump out,” that is not always the case but that is first thing to check before you spend your money on more sophisticated troubleshooting.


    Z PLUMBERZ Are Professionals

    We are fully licensed and insured for all of your plumbing, water, sewer and drain needs. Our technicians are clean-cut, polite, friendly, arrive on-time and are background and drug tested for your peace of mind. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we never charge extra for nights, weekends or holidays…EVER! For all of our work you are assured of option pricing; you will know the repair options we suggest and the price of each option BEFORE we do any work. You pick and approve the option you like best, only then do we do the work. Please remember if you’re not sure what to do, you can call the Z PLUMBERZ . We have a number of effective and affordable solutions to troubleshoot and fix your slow drain or plugged sewer line.


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